Special Deals

Frames Special Offers.  Limited Time Only.

2 pairs for $199, or 1 pair for $149 

2 pairs for $269, or I pair for $199

Includes: Frames, lens case, cleaning cloth, 12 months warranty. Use up your annual health fund allowance to make it even cheaper on your purse strings.

(Offer relates to selected range of frames and single vision stock lenses) 

SAVE $98 – Lenses Fitted Free 

Free Cleaning and Adjustment of Glasses

Other Offers

Ready in just 1-2 days with all work fitted on-site by qualified optical mechanic with 30 yrs experience.

Should your Optometrist or Ophthalmologist change your prescription within three months of issue, we will provide lenses free of charge.

Eye Tests 100% Bulk Billed

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